The Townlands of Kilkee

There are twenty two townlands in the Catholic parish of Kilkee, formerly known as Kilfearagh.  These unique placenames are used on a daily basis.

Townlands are the smallest administrative land divisions in use in Ireland.  They have identified local areas for hundreds of years.  The first edition of the Ordnance Survey maps was completed c. 1842.  This provided the anglicised forms of c. 62,000 townlands in use today.  There are 2,323 townlands in Co Clare.  Spellings and possible meanings vary.

The following is a bilingual list of the parish townlands, in alphabetical order, with local definitions of the placenames:

Baunmore/Banmore An Bán Mór – the great field

CorballyCorrbhaile – uneven ground

Doonaghboy/Ballyonan – This townland is unusual in having two names or maybe two distinct parts of one name.
Doonaghboy/DoonabuyDúnach Buí– the yellow fort
BallyonanBaile Uí Onáin – Honan’s home or town referring to a Bishop Honan of Scattery

DoughDumhach – sandhill, dune

EmlaghEimleach/Imlioch – a place bordering on a lough, a marsh

FarrihyFairche/Fairge – the sea

FoohaghAn Fhuathach/Fothach – a wilderness

GarraunAn Garrán – gorse covered land

Kildeema/KildimoCill Díomadh – church of Deema

Kilfearagh/KilferaghCill Fhiarach/Fiachra – church of Fiarach/Fiachra

Kilkee LowerCill Chaoi Íochtar – Church of Kee

Kilkee UpperCill Chaoi Uachtar – Church of Kee

KilnagalliaghCill na gCailleach, church of the nuns, associated with St Senan

KnockroeAn Cnoc Rua – the red hill

LeaheenLeathín – the little half

LisdeenLios Duibhinn/Lios Doimhin – the little black fort, the deep fort

Lisgreen/LisgureenLios na Gréine – the sunny fort

Lislanahan/LislunaghanLios Loinneacháin/Lios Luigheacháin – the fort of the ambush

LismuseLios Miús – the pleasant home

MoyastaMagh Sheasta – the plain of the muddy ford

Termon EastAn Tearmann Thoir – church land (belonging to Scattery Island) The spelling ‘Tarmon’ is used locally.

Termon WestAn Tearmann Thiar – church land (belonging to Scattery Island)

The Townlands of Kilkee (Kilfearagh) Parish
Maura Egan
Bailte Fearann Chill Chaoi
Maura Egan
The Townlands of Kilkee (Kilfearagh) Parish
Maura Egan

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