Ravens on Loop Head

Robert Brown
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Robert Brown

A visit to our cliffs in April sees the season of nesting beginning. Ravens are usually the first species of bird to start breeding in the year (February/March) and by April the chicks arrive. The nest is a large eyrie made of sticks on a cliff or tall tree. The photos here of the nest are on a cliff face.


Largest passerine, bigger than a buzzard. Plumage is all black with metallic sheen (green, bluish-lilac). Bill very thick ,this often visible in flight ,as is heavy. Often occur in pairs and has a wide territory and roams widely. They pair for life.


They are omnivore however feed mostly on insects and their  larvae ,worms and subterranean invertebrates using their curved bill to dig out of the soil. They also eat berries ,grain ,small mammals and birds.

This is a short movie showing a breeding pair of ravens with a nest of 4 chicks.
Click on Blue writing!
Ravens nesting on Loop Head_ – Short Movie

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