Guillemots at Loop Head.

Robert Brown
Robert Brown
Robert Brown
Robert Brown
Robert Brown
Irish name : Foracha
Bird Family: Auks
Pictures taken at Loop Head and well worth heading to Loop Head with your binoculars during the breeding season and you will have an experience you will not forget. Loop Head had 5,000 guillemots at the last survey during Seabird 2000 survey.
Resident ,though occur inshore/ land during the breeding season,March/April to August/September .


They are the commonest species of Auk in Ireland and are only found on land in the breeding season. A dark brown and white seabird, brown above and white below with a distinct breeding plumage. In the breeding season head and neck are completely dark brown ,in the winter white on front of the neck and face. They are easily confused with the Razorbill however the Guillemot has a longer body ,browner upper parts with less white on the side of the body and a lighter bill.


They eat mainly small fish, some invertebrates, caught by surface diving.


Comes ashore to nest from May onwards ,colonies deserted by the first week in August.Nests on cliff ledges ,often in large colonies, defends the smallest nest territory, sometimes only 5cm square.Restricted to cliffs with suitable ledges. They do not have nests but lay eggs directly on rock. They recognize their eggs easily as all have subtle color changes.
They winter at sea. Some Irish birds are believed to winter near their breeding sites.


Winters at sea . Some Irish Birds are believed to winter near their breeding sites.

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