Fodry Bay. Crew of SS Langeeford come ashore on Friday evening 16th February 1940 !

SS Langeeford
Site of torpedoed SS Langeeford

Shipwrecked sailors at sea.

After a terrible struggle at sea , for almost 3 days , fighting against wind and tides, rain and hail 30 men landed in Fodra Bay near Loop Head on a Friday evening on the 16th February 1940. They had been battling for life since 9 o’clock on the previous Wednesday morning the 14th February 1940 when the vessel was sunk by a German submarine and its cargo of 8,000 tons of wheat sent to the bottom.

Haier’s Public House , Kilbaha.

Famished and half frozen they were in a terrible plight when they arrived at Mr. Stephen Haier’s in Kilbaha but the hospitality they received there , blazing fires, hot drinks, tea and other refreshments they quickly recovered.

SS Langleeford.

The ship was the SS Langleeford (4,622t ) steamer from Boston,U.S.A. to the Tyne in England. At 08.00 hours on 14 Feb 1940 the Langleeford (Master H. Thompson), a straggler from convoy HX-18, was hit amidships by one G7e torpedo from U-26 ( Heinz Scheringer). The ship broke in two and sank within 13 minutes about 70 miles northwest of Fastnet, Ireland. Four crew members were lost. The Germans questioned the survivors, handed over two bottles of rum, 100 cigarettes, bread and dressing materials and told them the course to the nearest land. The master and 29 crew members made landfall at Ross, Co. Clare The crew published a letter of thanks in the Clare Champion at a later date.


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