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Kilkee is a Victorian seaside resort which in it’s heyday in the 19th century was the leading resort in Ireland. This has led to a unique heritage of people, places and topics in Kilkee and the surrounding West Clare region. To preserve and promote this heritage a group of interested people got together and formed the Kilkee and West Clare Heritage Group dedicated to the task of furthering these aims.

The group was fortunate in that about the same time the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life (NMI) started to expand it’s Irish Community Archive Network (iCAN) into County Clare from its successful base in Galway and Mayo.

With the assistance of the NMI, the co-operation of the Heritage Section of Clare Co Council and the support of iCAN members the Kilkee group started this website to showcase the heritage of their town and the surrounding West Clare countryside.

We are aware that the present offering only scratches the surface of the total heritage of the town of Kilkee and West Clare. To assist in improving this site we would love to hear from you with your comments and your own articles, images and memories. Please use contribution form.




Kilkee and West Clare Heritage, a voluntary non-profit group, has endeavoured to attribute copyright or other intellectual rights to the rightful owners where such course has been appropriate. Because of the nature of heritage and historical records an attribution may have been missed or overlooked. On being informed, Kilkee Heritage, will correct this omission.


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  • Claire
    Thanks for your enquiry. I don’t know of any Sheridans in Kilkee or the Loophead Area. Cahesherkin Church is in the parish of Clooney to the east of Ennis, in local history terms, a long way away. We have limited resources so we concentrate on our local patch. One place you could try is our parent body iCAN (Irish Community Archive Network).email: There are branches of iCAN closer to Clooney so they may be able to help.
    I hope you get the information and contacts that you are looking for.
    Yours, John Williams

    By John Williams (07/03/2022)
  • I see that this page has not been updated in a long time.
    I wish that I could find anyone named SHERIDAN who would like to correspond with me.

    Cahersherkin, the old schoolhouse is what I am interested in knowing more about.

    By Claire (03/03/2022)

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